A more thoughtful and thorough approach to investment management.

"Know what you own and why you own it."

Peter Lynch

Tired of confusing black-box investment strategies, complex manager of manager structures, and wealth advisors talking over your head?

Consider a more thoughtful approach to investment management.

Investment Management

Our team of financial advisors works to prioritize your objectives and determine your comfort level for building your wealth management strategy.

Tax & Wealth Transfer Planning

Tax and wealth transfer planning can be complex when dealing with diversified, global portfolios. Let us help you clarify your tax status and any other unique considerations.

Retirement Planning

We assist our clients in implementing financial and wealth transition plans to last a lifetime, hopefully well extended - so you can focus on enjoying life for many years to come.

Our Investment Philosophy

We seek to understand a client’s objectives and capacity for risk. Then, we effectively manage the level of the risk/return through proper asset allocation.

Once we have a full understanding of each client’s unique situation, we build logically diversified portfolios using a global opportunity set of publicly traded securities that are vetted and then thoughtfully assembled using a fundamental valuation discipline.

We administer portfolios with a view toward long-term absolute returns and principal stability, with an on-going awareness of and sensitivity to the ever-changing dynamics of global economies, capital markets, and clients’ personal circumstances.

Our Clients

We assist clients in implementing financial and wealth transition plans to last a lifetime. From individuals and their families to corporations and charitable foundations- we create long-term strategies to achieve our clients’ financial goals.

  • Individuals and families
  • Retirees
  • Trusts
  • Institutions
  • Charitable foundations

Our Wealth Management Team

Vero Beach Global Advisors has adopted a formal Code of Ethics that all firm professionals have pledged to be loyal and transparent in dealings with all clients. Refreshing, right?

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